Dick Harper writes:

      Some of you may have noticed that I have longish hair. Anne has cut my hair for most of our 30 years of marriage but she quit when I started renovating the kitchen. See, with the house in an uproar, she had nowhere to cut it. And in fact, my hair has been growing out since 2003.
 Dick at Summer Sounds     I'm lucky to have so much hair.
      My mom lost her hair when she went through chemotherapy. She bought a fright wig and loved it.
      Look to your right, look to your left. Every single person in this room knows someone with cancer or knows someone who knows someone with cancer. Some of them are kids. Many of them have died.
      I am indeed lucky to have so much hair but it's time to plan a shearing. Today, I entered my 60th year so I am announcing 60-cubed. This year-long project will raise 60 pledges of $60 and 60 partners to shave 60 heads on my 60th birthday. Lot of 60s in there. July 19, 2009, falls on a Sunday so we'll do the 60-cubed "Cap Cancer" shearing as a Summer Sounds event. The proceeds will go to Camp Ta-Kum-Ta and to fund more cancer research.
      I'm thinking I'd look good in a Phyllis Diller wig but I really plan to wear a ball cap so we'll be collecting a lot of those as well.
 Dick at Summer Sounds     Anyone with hair longer than 10 inches can do as I will. We'll have packaging for Locks for Love. Everyone else can simply cut it high and tight.
      Your gift will help in the battle against cancer--in our own community, across the state, and across the nation. Please download the poster here and donate or make a pledge today.

July 19, 2008

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